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Crocodile on the Sandbank  - Elizabeth Peters A long time ago, I tried to read this book, and gave up after the first chapter. I am guessing that I really wasn't ready for this series as I took this one on, and discovered that I had a great time with it. In this one we are introduced to the formidable Amelia Peabody, and her friend Evelyn Forbes-Barton, and the equally intriguing Emerson brothers, Radcliffe and Walter. The story does come together as the quartet explore Tell el-Amarna, the long deserted city of Akhetaten. There's a touch of the supernatural in a mummy that is persistently haunting the dig site, a luckless suitor of Evelyn, the ever-increasing fireworks between Amelia and Radcliffe who fight and bicker at every turn. And of course, it really does help that Ms. Peters is actually Barbara Mertz, an actual Egyptologist who has written some very good books about ancient Egypt. All in all, four stars overall, and muchly recommended.

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