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1953: The Queen's Coronation: The Official Souvenir Album - Caroline de Guitaut A very attractive and informative book on The Queen's coronation in 1953 and the massive preparations that went into it. It's the preparations that I found to be the most interesting -- from the designs of Norman Hartnell for the Queen's gown, and discovering that he also designed the gowns for other ladies of the royal family, and the maids-of-honour attending the queen. All of the work and materials for the clothing were either grown (in case of the silk for the gowns and robes), and created in the United Kingdom.One very charming touch was the unique invitation made for Prince Charles. There's also the planning of the route the coronation procession would take -- a scale model of London was built for that, photos of the procession itself, and quite a few ancedotes about the coronation. For those of us out there who are royalty fans this book is jammed full of art and photographs, and explains all of the various traditions and ceremonies that surround the formal coronation of a British Queen or King. All in all, this one gets five stars.

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