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A woman of a certain age who has three cats underfoot, and has the dream of filling her passport with stamps. Books, classical music, tea, cats, movies, art, fancy needlework,  and anything else I can think of.

In the Name of Love and Other True Cases - Ann Rule Five tales of cold-blooded murder. The title tale is the longest, going into the disappearance of Jerry Harris, a self-made millionaire with successful businesses and a lovely wife, Susan. When Jerry seemingly vanished into thin air, Susan never gave up hope -- or determination. It would take eight long years to see justice served, and the tale is a very twisted one indeed. The other four are much shorter, all of which have the idea of love, be it selfish, obsessive or the lack of it completely. Two inserts of black and white photographs help to give faces to the story. Overall, this gets about four stars from me.

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