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A woman of a certain age who has three cats underfoot, and has the dream of filling her passport with stamps. Books, classical music, tea, cats, movies, art, fancy needlework,  and anything else I can think of.

Redshirts: A Novel with Three Codas - John Scalzi A very amusing, very satirical look at a classic science fiction series. A recruit arrives on the flagship, the Intrepid, of the Universal Union, and discovers that it is the strangest, most cursed, ship ever crewed. There's the rather odd Commander Q'eeng, the captain, Abernathy, who insists on going on every away mission, and the chief engineer who can never be found, fondly nicknamed Rasputin by everyone else. It's a grand send up of one of the longest running franchise ever. Great good fun, with a few serious moments to balance it out. I had fun with this one, and hooted over the little sneaky bits. Four stars overall.

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