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The Ravenscar Dynasty - Barbara Taylor Bradford Some books I come across look great from the outside and the blurb is interesting, but when I finally settle down and read them, I discover that it is a heap of steaming manure. Such was the case with this one, loosely based on the Wars of the Roses, moved to the early Edwardian period and a family rivalry that ignites murder, double-dealing, love affairs and revenge. Unfortunately, the story is transformed into such lightweight drivel that I was more than ready to fling it at the wall in annoyance. The author, Barbara Taylor Bradford, widely acclaimed (and for what I have no idea), manages to suck all of the life out of an exciting real history tale, and turns it into a novel of corporate and bedroom shenanigans. Yawn. Even the names and characters are merely transferred over with little to make them interesting or fresh. I gave this one just two stars, and a not recommended. You've been warned.

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