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A woman of a certain age who has three cats underfoot, and has the dream of filling her passport with stamps. Books, classical music, tea, cats, movies, art, fancy needlework,  and anything else I can think of.

The Bonesetter's Daughter - Amy Tan I really enjoyed this one, having wanted to read this one for years. Set in both pre-communist China and modern day California, telling the story of Ruth and her mother LuLing. It is not an easy relationship at all. LuLing is quarrelsome, manipulative, and has made Ruth's life hell for many years. Ruth tries to be understanding, but her mother is driving her crazy and when the doctors say that LuLing is sliding into dementia, Ruth's life turns upside down and leaving her to pick up the pieces. Sorting out her mother's rubbish filled home Ruth finds out that what she thought she knew about LuLing may have been quite different. The story is told from two points-of-view, spanning decades from China to America, and full of history, including inkmaking, arranged marriages and Peking Man. Well-written and a hearty recommendation from me. Four stars overall.

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