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A woman of a certain age who has three cats underfoot, and has the dream of filling her passport with stamps. Books, classical music, tea, cats, movies, art, fancy needlework,  and anything else I can think of.

The Flower Reader - Elizabeth Loupas This one turned out to be a real surprise for me. I was expecting yet another historical romance, heavy on the sex, low on the research -- and what I got instead was a well-written, well-paced novel set in Mary, Queen of Scots court, and a young lady with plenty of problems. Suddenly widowed and with a premature daughter, Rinette has far too many suitors, enemies, spies dangling rich rewards, if only she would turn over a small silver casket. Fortunately, she has the silky smooth courtier Nicholas de Clerac on her side -- or does she? Quite a good read and plenty of descriptive writing and plot to chew over. Four stars overall and a happy recommend for me.

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