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Turn in the Road - Debbie Macomber A god awful mess of a novel involving a mother, daughter and mother-in-law making a cross country trip. Bethanne, the mother, is agonizing on whether or not to take her ex husband, Grant, back after he savagely dumped her for a younger woman. Aiding the ex is his daughter, Annie, who really wants mummy and daddy to get back together so she can be a princess again. Mother-in-law Ruth is just there for the ride. On a breakdown in the Nevada desert, they break down and are rescued by a motorcycle club, with one of the members, Max, is handsome and a daredevil, with a secret of his own. Many mistakes here -- NO, you can't drive from Flagstaff, AZ to Albuquerque, NM in just two hours. Branson, Missouri evidently has a great night life. And it is easy to drive out of Las Vegas. Snort! Finally, a wedding where the mother of the groom upstages the bride. Sigh. This novel sucked. Big time.

Just one star. Not recommended to anyone.

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