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The Wild Princess: A Novel of Queen Victoria's Defiant Daughter - Mary Hart Perry There is only so much I can take from historical fantasy before my brain rebels and screams no more no more! This one tells the story of the year 1871, a momentous one during the reign of Queen Victoria, what with a strong Republican movement and in December of that year, the near fatal illness of the Prince of Wales and an assassination attempt in February 1872. But instead of working with what was actually known, the author decides to write a throughly craptastic fantasy novel involving Princess Louise, a dark and handsome American in black and one of the most stupid bomb plots ever. Not to mention Louise having an illegitimate child with an artist's model.


But oh my friends, it gets worse. Lorne is a de-facto homosexual, there's the obligatory deflowering with little pain or foreplay and instant multiorgasmic heroine -- just add Mighty Wang. It's pretty damn clear that the author didn't bother to do much research or pay attention when she was, as the novel is riddled with all sorts of inaccuracies. Not to mention, the writing is stilted and downright filled with anachronisms.

Too, in an attempt to give this the look of something old, the designer tried to make the opening page of each chapter look antique and old. Instead, it's a greyish, smudged up mess that looks like garbage and that had powdered graphite spilled all over it.

This one gets just one star, and a NOT RECOMMENDED from me. So far, it's won the title of Worst Book of the year. And to increase the horror, there's to be a sequel. Gag.

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