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Three Cups of Deceit: How Greg Mortenson, Humanitarian Hero, Lost His Way - Jon Krakauer If you ever wonder what happens to the money after the charity receives it, this book may open your eyes. This rather short article takes a critical look at Greg Mortenson and his work with the Central Asia Institute. And what I discovered horrified me. Three Cups of Tea made Mortenson a best selling author and in-demand speaker. His charity raised millions to build schools and fund them in Afghanistan and other poverty stricken lands in central Asia. Unfortunately, when Jon Krakauer reveals the facts and talks to the people mentioned in the book, the entire fable falls apart. Millions of dollars are missing, and Mortenson is coming across as a pathological liar as his heartwarming tales are twists of what really happens, and outright fabrications. It's a damn depressing book, and a very disturbing one. When you decide to give to charity, always check out where the money goes.

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