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Just One Evil Act (Inspector Lynley, #18) - Elizabeth  George

Whenever a new book by Elizabeth George appears I tend to feel a ripple of excited anticipation for when it will hit the bookstores, or rather, my Nook. And once I have it in my hands, nearly all other reading material gets set aside to discover a new Inspector Lynley novel.

At the end of Beleiving the Lie, Sargeant Barbara Havers recieves the bad news that young Hadiyyah, Taymullah Azhar's daughter, has vanished, evidently kidnapped by her mother and spirited away. Azhar is devastated and Barbara vows to find her; she too has developed close ties with the little girl, and knows that she isn't about to give up no matter where the path leads.

Well. In this one there is almost seven hundred pages of closely packed story with plenty of red herrings, cybercrimes galore, and violent personality clashes. Isabelle Ardery is still in the storyline, although the relationship she had with Inspector Lynley has cooled considerably; Ardery is both Lynley's and Barbara's commanding officer in New Scotland Yard, and she has it in for Havers -- nothing would make her happier to see Barbara be somewhere else, and preferably out of the Met. Barbara muddles her way along, certainly passionate in what she thinks and this time, her mistakes are coming to haunt her. And there's a new love interest for Inspector Lynley, one that was rather refreshing to see. For secondary characters, there are plenty of interesting characters, from a religiously imbalanced fanatic, Angelina's parents, Angelina herself, and the character of Taymullah Azhar takes a very different spin from benign microbiology professor to something else entirely.

The writing is tight and compelling, with the only flaw being that there are many discussions in Italian, and there isn't many translations or explanations in the text. Being throughly illiterate in Italian (I think I know five words, maybe), this made some of the story incomprehensible and at times, very annoying. That's the biggest flaw in the story.

The plot itself isn't bad at all, and I was kept guessing throughout, and the tension is kept high right up to the last pages. If you like your mystery-thrillers to be thick with subplots, and story-arcs that extend over several books, then the Inspector Lynley novels are for you. Overall this one gets four stars and a hearty recommendation from me.


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