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Among the Janeites: A Journey through the World of Jane Austen Fandom - Deborah Yaffe

I am very much a Jane Austen fan. While I did come late to her books, and truly appreciating them, I never did quite get into the whole 'fan' experience. Austen's books have been pretty much an escape to a world where good manners matters, devotion could be spoken of in letters or even a look, and well, I'm smitten. Author Deborah Yaffe explores the world of Jane Austen fans, and the ways that they express it. There are sequels, critique, emphemra galore, and the JAFNA conferences. Each chapter focuses on various people who have entered into the world of Jane Austen, from a costumer who creates Regency period clothing, the author of one of the more successful sequels, movie fans, and the woman who bought Chawton House.


Frankly, I loved this book. I could see myself throughout this book, with plenty of ideas to explore. It was comforting to see that other people who love Austen as much as I did. Yaffe's writing is very lucid and at times screamingly funny, and also very sympathetic and insightful. This is one that I can recommend reading, and a perfect gift for your favourite Janeite. This one has earned a spot on my keeper shelves, and I intend to reread it again in the future.


Five stars overall.


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