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Putting to rest a tragic adventure, and half-baked conspiracy theories

Dead Mountain: The Untold True Story of the Dyatlov Pass Incident - Donnie Eichar

A very compelling tale of mystery involving nine Russian hikers who perished in a remote part of the Ural Mountains. Donnie Eichar uses survivor's stories, official documents, interviews, and his own experiences at the mountain to give an answer to a riddle that has spawned plenty of conspiracy theories -- such as aliens, angry gnomes, irate tribesmen, escaped prisoners, secret military experiments and the like. What I really liked was that the author took the time to really explore the nine hikers, giving them stories and personalities beyond cold statistics. And the solution is based in real science, not half-baked theories. The only drawback are the photographs, which are rather fuzzy and grainy. On the whole, this gets four stars and a recommend from me.

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