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A most pleasant surprise in this sequel to Pride and Prejudice.

The Pursuit of Mary Bennet: A Pride and Prejudice Novel - Pamela Mingle

This one turned out differently than most Austen sequels that tend to be awful for me. Focusing on Mary, the middle sister, we follow her reactions and thoughts as her married sister Lydia returns home -- announcing that she is pregnant <I>and</I> leaving  her husband, Wickham. With Kitty in tow, the two unmarried sisters are sent on to their eldest sister Jane. While there, Mary meets Mr. Walsh, a gentleman who she's very attracted to, but there seems to be complications. How it all plays out is what makes the bulk of the novel. Fortunately, the author knows her Regency details, and avoids most of the mistakes that many have made in trying to continue Jane Austen's novels. This comes to about three and a half stars, rounded up to four, and a recommendation.

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