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Thief of Time - Terry Pratchett

Usually, if a series has more than a dozen books in it, I don't keep up with it. Most of the time it is too unwieldy and just plain boring. The author either starts to repeat themselves with characters and situations or goes off into outlandish events that just are not believable. Not so with Terry Pratchett -- his inventiveness and biting humour keeps me coming back for more. This one, Pratchett looks at the nature and elements of time, and wraps it all up in a pretty shiny bow for his readers. Susan, and her grandfather, Death, are back in this one, and two very interesting monks from a distant monastery -- Lu-Tse and Lobsang. This time, the Discworld itself is in peril from the Auditors, who find that the universe would be much more tidy if humans and their ilk would stop cluttering up the place. What ensues is a peculiar sort of Apocalypse, and one that kept me sitting up late into the night. Five stars overall, and very much recommended.

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