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First in the Blandings novels, and worth the hunt to find.

Something Fresh  - P.G. Wodehouse

I have always meant to read the works of P.G. Wodehouse, best known for his Wooster and Jeeves series. But he also wrote another series, about the Earl of Emsworth and Blandings Castle, the family home. What is always fun is that Wodehouse had a great ability to skewer the upper classes, and Lord Emsworth is certainly at the eccentric end of the spectrum. His younger son, the Honourable Freddie Threepwood, is in debt that he will never be able to repay on his own, and his father had decided that is time for Freddie to marry. His choice is the wealthy Aline, an American girl with a father who is a collector, and while Aline certainly wouldn't mind marrying Freddie for a boost up the social ladder, Freddie isn't inclined to marry -- indeed, marry anyone at all. He's having too much fun partying. Along the way we have missing scarabs, the servants at Blandings, would be writers, and a host of secondary characters who provide plenty of complications.


This one gets four stars from me, and it's definitely a recommend.


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