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Finally, an Austen sequel that I really enjoyed.

Longbourn - Jo Baker

This one is a rarity -- a Jane Austen sequel/reworking that is actually enjoyable. The novel that is being recast, as it were, is Pride and Prejudice, but it is retold from of the point-of-view of the servants, mostly from the elder of the two maids-of-all-work, Sarah. Her pithy observations of the Bennets, the girls and their suitors are spot-on and rather biting. The author, happily, is not afraid of the serious topics of the time -- namely sugar and slavery -- and the rather wretched working conditions of the poor and what caused them. The contrast between the genteel Bennet girls (Lydia excepted) who seem to waft gently over the scenery with little trouble and Sarah and Polly are quite well-done. I also found Sarah's growing romance with a mulatto footman with the Bingleys and the new hire at Longbourn, James, very well handled and belivable. This is a good one for fans of Austen, or novels set in the Regency period. Five stars overall and recommended.

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