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Ross' trial, a new set of lovers, and the 'death' of Jud Paynter

Jeremy Poldark - Winston Graham

Third in the Poldark saga, this is one that resolves the final twist that occurs at the end of the novel <I>Demelza.</I> The first half of the novel is taken up with Ross' impending trial for disturbing the peace, striking an officer, and other assorted bits of mayhem. Ross for his part has turned dark and sullen, especially as if he is found guilty, he could quite well be executed. Demelza, his wife, is mourning the death of their daughter Julia, and is trying hard to keep Ross in line, and find a way to save him. As with the rest of the series (so far) this is wonderfully written and full of life, and it is great to see the return of characters that we care about. This is clearly a bridging novel, resolving some issues, and continuing the overall story a bit, and I suspect, setting up the plot for the next novel, <i>Warleggan.</I> Four stars overall and a hearty recommendation.

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