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A misunderstood Prince who spent decades waiting to be king.

The Heir Apparent: A Life of Edward VII, the Playboy Prince - Jane Ridley

So far this is the best book that I have read about King Edward VII of Great Britain. Starting with his birth, and the very complicated relationship that he had with his parents, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Living a childhood of isolation and high pressure, Bertie found relief in partying hard, the social whirl, travel and especially pretty women. His mistresses were notorious, with one that landed him in a divorce court. But he was lucky enough to marry a beautiful woman, Princess Alexandra of Denmark, who was able to provide him with a loving home and children. Unfortunately she couldn't keep him from his mistresses. His first sexual adventure would cause a rift with his mother that was permanent, for his father had exploded with rage when the news came out -- and died less than a month later. But not only was Bertie was a scandal, he was also charming, perceptive, and a quick learner. By the time he became King in 1901, he was an able negotiator and was able to forge alliances with France and Great Britain. This was a fine read, with plenty of analysis and insights. Great for fans of British history or royalty. Five stars overall.

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