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Witches, Igor, Vampires, Thcrapth -- just another day on the Discworld

Carpe Jugulum (Discworld, #23) - Terry Pratchett

Getting queasy over the proliferation of 'sparkly' vampires? You need this book. Terry Pratchett once again turns genres on their heads, and gives a wickedly funny look at the Discworld, and especially our three favourite witches. A Naming is about to happen in the small kingdom of Lancre, where King Verence and Queen Magrat rule with a benign if at times fuddled hand. Now they have a baby daughter, and they're inviting all sorts of people. One invitation seems to have been skipped -- that of the most important guest of all, Granny Weatherwax. Now Granny is in a snit, and that's never a good sign. Instead, the Magpyrs show up, a modern, forward thinking family of vampires, who happen to have plans for Lancre. You don't want to miss this one. Five stars overall and a happy recommendation.

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