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_Cocaine Blues:_ Phryne Fisher sweeps Melbourne, Australia before her

Cocaine Blues  - Stephanie Daniel, Kerry Greenwood

Every now and then I get to read a mystery that makes me think why didn't I read these earlier? The first book of the Phryne Fisher novels did that to me. A socialite with plenty of style and wit lands in Melbourne, Australia and embarks on a series of adventures involving cocaine, illegal abortions, wisecracking cabbies, some elegant Russian expats and lots of descriptive writing. Welcome to the world of Phryne Fisher, not quite your ordinary woman. There's Dr. Elizabeth MacMillan, a doctor and friend of Phryne's, the Princesse de Grasse and her two dancers, and the woman that caused Phryne to come to Australia in the first place -- Lydia.  The writing is tight, the story and plots involved, and the dialogue sparkles. All in all, I give this four stars and a reommendation, although the content might disturb some.

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