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Following up Lionheart with a winner of a novel.

A King's Ransom - Sharon Kay Penman

It's a given that every time Sharon Kay Penman writes a new novel, I'll preorder it, and get my greedy mitts on it. This one I was looking forward to in particular in that it was the follow up to her previous novel Lionheart, which told the story of Richard the Lionheart's time in the Holy Land during the Third Crusade. But many authors skip over what happened to the king afterwards. But in this one, we get to find out what did, and it's a stunner of a tale. Captured by an enemy, Duke Leopold of Austria, Richard faces imprisionment, humiliation and a struggle that he might not win. Along on the story we get to see his siblings Joanna and John, his mother, the formidable Eleanor of Aquitaine, and others. I found it all fascinating, and this book won a spot on my keeper shelves. Five stars overall, and well worth the time. Just keep the hankies nearby for the last part of the book.

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