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There's nothing quite like a satisfying reread of a book that I know I will like

A Game of Thrones - George R.R. Martin

Spent the last few days indulging in a reread of this one. I hope to have the entire series finished by the end of the year. Nice thing about rereads is that you get to pick up the little details you missed on the first go around.


The sheer tragedy of this story is what hit me this time around. Ned Stark falling into the coils of courtly politics. Arya's story just crushes me, but at least she has the grit and determination that it will take to survive; and then there is Sansa, such a twit! Jon finally realizing what it means to be serving on the Wall. I happily loathe the Lannisters, all of them. Well, maybe not Tyrion, I have a bit of hunch that he's the only one here who has a real sense of reality.


Then there is Daenerys. Wow.


Then there is the death toll. Has anyone ever made an accounting of how many folks end up in graves in this series?